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These planes flying right now!

It’s been said that the best surfers ride everything, that their quiver knows no bounds and that they live not by the mundane and arbitrary rules of the modern day man, but by the tides, the wind and the sea. History shows us that true watermen create their legacy through their unique and absolutely unwaivering resolve to understand the movement of both the sea and the craft they choose to set forth upon. Pioneers like Laird Hamilton, Mike Stewart, Jay Moriarty (RIP) and Kai Lenny have one key thing in common, a pure connection with the ocean.


Surfing in its purest form can be as simple as bodysurfing and the evolution of the hand plane has recently taken this amazing past time to a whole new level.

The days of the ultimate grovel are over my friends. WAW Hand planes make even the tiniest low tide slab totally ride-able and it’s the ultimate in Summer fun when the days are long and you need to keep the stoke.

The thing goes super fast and sits you up in the water so nicely it’s ridiculous. It planes immediately and can actually handle a pretty late drop in to a sucking sand tube. With such a little surface area, it’s remarkable just how much drive they have. It might take you a while to find the sweet spot, but when you do, it will instantly put a smile on your face!


WAW Badfish Handplanes are made from 99% recycled plastics including commonly used items like plastic bags, bottle caps, take-away containers and single use plastic cutlery. In fact, The WAW BadFish is the only handplane made without any virgin plastic materials.

The material used is collected from Australian beaches by the legends at Eco Barge Clean Seas. Its then taken back to their facility where it is hand sorted, hand washed and shredded with a machine provided by the Plastic Collective. From there, the shredded material is sent to manufacturers TOOLCRAFT who melt the shred down and mix it with waste from pre-sorted Australian domestic recycling bins.
When you purchase a WAW BadFish you know you will be catching wave after wave, leaving nothing but cleaner oceans in your wake.
Your purchase not only cleans the beaches from which you surf, but it also allows us to fund more clean ups, more sorting, more washing, shredding and more creations, thus diverting more and more of this waste from our beaches and from landfill.
She’s a great story all round and one hell of a ride.
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