The team at 
Visit Pacific Coast would like to acknowledge and show our respect­­ to the Traditional Owners of Pacific Coast Country: Bundjalung, Gumbaynggirr, Dainggatti, Biripi, Worimi, Awabakal and Kuring-gai, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which this business encourages travel to take place. We recognise their continuing connection to the land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Who is VPC

We Love Travel!

Nothing is more exciting than watching the sun go down over a new horizon, knowing that tomorrow is just another chance for the wind to blow you where it will. Travel can offer perspective and fill the soul with a sense of reason and rhyme, get amongst it!

Celebrating the region that we love

Let’s get this straight first up. VPC is a regionally based tourism organisation built and based right here on the Pacific Coast of NSW. We travel this place, we love this place and we celebrate this place all the time. Why? because it boasts the most incredible stretch of coastline and hinter land in the world and it seems that if you’re looking for a little bit of solitude and serenity, there’s a secluded beach, country trail or rainforest walk never far away.

As much as natural wonderment and history abounds across our stretch of New South Wales, the area is home to a treasure trove of amazing artisan producers, some of Australia’s most abundant food bowls and cities and towns full of culture and multiculturalism who bring wonderful events to life.It puts a smile on our face!

Simplicity of use for guests

Visit Pacific Coast is designed with you, the guest in mind,at all times. So it’s our #1 focus to continually uncover ‘off the beaten track’ experiences, work with tourism operators to help bring to life new and exciting tours and events for travelers and provide you with inspiration for a life well traveled.

We listen to YOU

We understand that a great holiday needs to combine both exploration and adventure with a healthy dose of relaxation.So often when you arrive at a destination, it’s not practical to have a full itinerary all planned out. Add to that, a little spontaneity often makes for the best memories so our platform aims to enable you with the tools you need to access relevant visitor information, with the opportunity to plan and book on the go.Just complete your VPC account and we’ll make sure you have the best of both worlds.


Our team of writers are busy creating your next dose of travel inspiration and they are under direct orders to only go for the good stuff. We’re for freedom of press and even though we partner with
2 different brands from time to time, we’re not going to shove that down your throat.Make sure you subscribe to our news –if you like to travel, you won’t be disappointed!

We’ve Got the Most Unique Holiday packages around

Hey man, not everyone’s looking for a chilled bottle of wine when they arrive at their holiday accommodation so let’s not pretend that’s a really unique touch. At Visit Pacific Coast, we’re more interested in uncovering the best places, people and things that REALLY bring your holiday to life. Stay tuned for our Legendary packages because variety is the spice of life after all!

The future of travel is Sustainability

Ending our industry’s reliance on single use plastics, the protection of our coastal and hinterland areas and management of visitation to minimise the impact humans make on the Pacific Coast of NSW are a priority for us. Stay tuned for more eco-friendly initiatives courtesy of VPC!

Maximise the Happy

Good times, great
places, family, friends and smiles are super important!

Easy like a Sunday morning

Finding, booking, and experiencing the best stuff  should be easy, leave it to us.

Led by localism locale'

The world around
us tells the real story.

A holiday is like a fine wine

The good stuff’s hard
to find, when you do
you savour the taste.

It takes but one song to bring back a thousand memories

Let’s create gold records.

We do it because we should. It is the right thing to do. Not because we think people are watching or care what others think of us, or sneakily put a cloak-like ‘badge’ or wannabe ‘eco-certificate’ on it whilst greedily and surreptitiously seeking more & more profit. 

There are serious and growing concerns about the state of Australia’s & the global environment and issues related to inequality and poverty. The leisure, tourism & hospitality industry is not immune and has ‘blood on its hands’. We all share the responsibility – it’s not unlike being a parent and having kids –  and we need to step up & shoulder the heavy lifting. It is time to demand change and accelerate action.

Our commitment is to operate with a paradigm that IT ALL MATTERS, the entire system, us, our neighbours, & the environment and as such conduct ourselves ethically & responsibly guided by an attitude that we are stewards – not ‘users/takers’ with a long term vision to create a world better than when we found it for generations to come.

  • We commit to create value for everyone – our people (staff, contractors’ & suppliers’), our hosts (residents) & our visitors (customers). 
  • We commit to advocate for a resource-efficient tourism that is sustainable NOT sustaining tourism for tourism’s sake. 
  • We commit to reduce our environmental impact and strive towards  circular economy practises of reduce, reuse & recycle.
  • We commit to eliminating single use plastics, avoiding problematic plastics & accelerating towards a reality where: all plastic is reused, recycled or composted, it is no longer made from finite resources, and is free of hazardous chemicals.
  • We will support and celebrate our suppliers that take real action towards re-inventing their businesses to become more sustainable.
  • We commit to seek feedback from all our stakeholders and insights from academics to help guide our strategies and to proactively advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in collaboration with industry and government.


We believe in being inclusive, and merit based in our approach to engaging staff or contractors. We don’t judge you on the colour of your skin or what side of the train tracks you come from – that’s not our job. We welcome people that are disabled or have come from another cultural background as we have all travelled and had the privilege of being a guest in other peoples’ countries and relish the rewards this brings. If you can do the job you’re hired, simple.